About us

VGG Connect

We provide customers with access to the internet via VGG's Fiber high-speed data network

VGG Connect leverages cloud technology to equip enterprises with cost-effective, simple-tointegrate business tools that rapidly extend their reach. Greater efficiency is one enquiry away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your billing cycle begins on the day that you pay for your subscription and lasts 30 days.
  • Payment made to wrong account- Forward the confirmation message to our customer support team for billing correction.
  • Payment did not reflect on my account- Forward the confirmation message to our customer support team for billing update.

  • If you are moving house or would like your router to be moved to a different location, contact customer support to assist in the service. If moving houses or neighborhood within the Vijiji connect network, kindly give a notice of 1 week prior to your moving date so you can be scheduled for a smooth transition to your new location. Relocation services are billed separately at a rate of Ksh. 1000.

  • Loss of signal. If your router has a red blinking light it could be a loss of signal. Kindly contact our support team to assist it connecting you with a technician to resolve the issue.¬†
  • Connected, no internet- Could be a payment issue due to subscription expiry. Contact customer support to assist in resolving the issue from the system if you have paid and still not connected to the internet.

  • You could be maxing out the bandwidth on your selected services with many devices online leading to slow speeds. If there are many users using the same connection you can opt to upgrade to a higher package to solve the issue.¬†
  • Poor signal. For a poor signal check kindly contact our customer care agents to perform a check for you and offer a solution.

  • I would like an installation for my business, how do I get connected? We have a number of prepackaged bandwidths for businesses however we can tailor your package to the needs of your specific business and size. For more detailed information you can contact our office or customer care lines.

  • You can effect an upgrade at the end of your billing cycle or at any time by paying the full amount of the desired higher speed package and then notifying our customer care service to effect the upgrade.

  • If you would like to switch to a lower priced package you will pay the desired amount and select the package you desire on the app and the service will begin.

  • On your support tab on the VGG Connect app you can use the forward confirmation option to our team who will credit your payment.

  • If you need an installation you can contact our customer care lines at any time and book an installation¬†
  • If you would like a connection for a business, one of our customer care representatives will take you through the process.¬†
  • Routers and installations are provided on a lease basis, therefore for the duration of your use of service the router still remains the property of VIJIJI CONNECT LIMITED. You only pay for the internet services.